What can I do to shorten the duration of a migraine?

Acute treatments are often given as nasal sprays to speed delivery into the bloodstream. They also are sometimes given as an injectable.

These non-delivery options are important in the case of migraines because digestive disturbances sometimes associated with migraine can interfere with the uptake of drugs that are ingested.

Quick delivery is also important for cluster headaches, which can come on quickly without warning.

Dr. Steven A. Meyers, MD
Diagnostic Radiologist

The most effective way to shorten the duration of a migraine attack is to treat it as early as possible. Once a migraine has been present for a while, it becomes much harder to treat. Try not to wait to see if this headache will go away on its own. Once you know you are having a migraine, take your medication as soon as possible.

Some migraine medications are available as nasal sprays or injections which can work much faster than pills.

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