Can eye pain and headaches be related?

Dr. Manvi P. Maker
Ophthalmologist (Eye Specialist)

Eye pain and headaches can sometimes be related, especially if you require glasses (distance or near), but are not properly corrected, or if you have a more serious eye condition like increased eye pressure. Other times, headaches may be more musculoskeletal in nature and involve the muscles around the eye, but the eyeball itself is not involved in the process. A good eye exam may help tease out the details of your discomfort more clearly.

Teri Robert
Pain Medicine Specialist

Yes, a sharp pain could be a symptom of migraine, but there would need to be other symptoms as well for a diagnosis of migraine. There could also be other causes of that sharp pain, including eye issues. It would be best to see a doctor and have these pains checked out.

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