Migraine Headache Causes

How can alcohol affect migraines?

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    Dr. Mosaraf Ali - How can alcohol affect migraines?

    If you're prone to migraines, it's important to know the habits that might be making things worse. In this video, integrative medicine expert and Dr. Oz Show guest Mosaraf Ali discusses a common attempt at stress-relief that can backfire. 

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    Alcohol is a common trigger of migraine. Beer and red wine are the most commonly identified triggers. Clear alcohols such as vodka and gin seem less likely to trigger attacks but can still do so.
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  • How Does Alcohol Affect Migraines?
    Alcohol can worsen migraines. In this video, Adel Olshansky, MD, a neurologist at West Hills Hospital, describes how alcohol can affect the body's chemistry, causing or worsening migraines.
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