What spices can help boost my metabolism?

Dr. Michael Roizen, MD
Internal Medicine
Want to boost your metabolism, burn more fat, and lose weight faster? Add spicy fare to your diet. That's right. Adding spice, such as hot peppers, to your food not only boosts your calorie-burning metabolism, it also curbs your appetite, so you'll eat less at each meal and stay satisfied for longer.

Capsaicin, the active ingredient in such hotties as jalapeno peppers, cayenne, red pepper flakes, and hot sauce, works in several ways. It seems to prevent "I'm hungry!" messages from reaching your brain. It also activates about 20 different fat-burning proteins, which boost your metabolism so your body burns calories faster.

That's not all! We're only getting warmed up about capsaicin's health powers: It may also inhibit the growth of cancer cells, ease pain, prevent heart attacks, kill bacteria that cause stomach ulcers, and more! So you've got lots to gain and nothing to lose but your belly fat.

It takes the equivalent of several bites of hot peppers to get the full fat-burning effect. If you're game, start your get-hot diet with a wake-up breakfast by adding jalapeno peppers to a frittata. At lunchtime, spice up ordinary soup with hot pepper flakes. Have a spicy curry or turkey chili for dinner.
Ms. Ashley Koff, RD
Nutrition & Dietetics
A lackluster metabolism can really throw a wrench into your weight-loss effots. In this video, registered dietician Ashley Koff talks about common spices that can rev up your metabolism.

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