What can I eat for breakfast to speed up my metabolism?

Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD
Cardiology (Cardiovascular Disease)

Eating a hard boiled egg first thing in the morning can jump start your metabolism, especially when you pair it with a certain kind of fruit, says Dr. Oz. Watch the video to learn how to put together a metabolism-revving breakfast.

Dr. Mark Hyman, MD
Family Medicine
Drinking your breakfast instead of eating it can help speed up your metabolism. It allows you to consume a large quantity of powerful, craving busting, fat burning nutrients and super foods in one sitting. Putting them together makes them taste great, fills you up and keeps you satisfied longer. The right smoothie drink will speed up your metabolism for the whole day. You would have a hard time packing that much nutritional punch into any other form. And it's easy -- takes about 3 minutes to make once you have the ingredients and you can take it with you!

My favorite things to include in a breakfast shake are great protein, good fats, fiber and super foods like wild blueberries, cranberries, hemp, chia and pumpkin seeds, almond and coconut butter and unsweetened almond or hemp milk. They create a shake that is very low in sugar and high in fat-burning, metabolism-boosting foods, but tastes sweet.
JJ Virgin
Health Education
The best thing you can eat for breakfast to speed up metabolism is a meal that contains protein, fat and fiber. In this video, nutrition & fitness expert JJ Virgin explains why these nutrients are key to a metabolism-boosting, healthy breakfast. 

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