How can eating too little slow my metabolism?

Besides not providing enough of all the vitamins, minerals and protein we need every day, not eating enough slows down our metabolic rate. The metabolic rate keeps the energy used by the body for all its processes balanced with the amount of energy taken in. If we do not provide enough food to keep us running at 100% the body must figure out how to conserve energy. A few symptoms are: heart rate, body temperature and blood pressure fall, the gastrointestinal tract slows down, muscle mass is used for energy, skin and hair become dry or fall out, extreme fatigue, and dizziness. When the metabolic rate is low it is actually easier to pick up weight.
Dolvett Quince
The body needs the vitamins, minerals and protein from food to sustain energy. When you eat too little, you deprive yourself of what is needed. No nutrients and no fuel equals low metabolism!

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