What is metabolic testing?

Metabolic testing is not new; the science behind metabolic testing is very well documented and validated. Essentially, any excess calories we eat that cannot be readily utilized by our bodies, are stored as fat and a form of sugar called glycogen; which can be stored for energy in our muscles and liver. The rate and efficiency in which we process and use this stored fat energy is in essence, our metabolic rate. Every person’s metabolism and response to exercise is as unique as their fingerprint and dependant on many different variables. You can have two people of the same age, height, weight, and gender, and they will have completely different energy needs...

In order to have a Metabolic Assessment Profile or MAP test, the person being tested would perform exercise that could be gradually progressed in intensity over a period of minutes while connected to specialized equipment that would record many variables; including blood pressure, heart rate, as well as collecting and analyzing the air they inhaled and exhaled, while the amount of something called “blood lactate” was also analyzed. This was done to measure at what heart rate range any given person would be most efficient at burning fat and glycogen. -Once identified, the goal would be to structure an aerobic exercise program that would allow the person to increase their ability to efficiently burn fat and glycogen over a broader heart rate range than what they started, with less relative effort. The ultimate goal was achieving effective weight loss while increasing athletic performance.

Unfortunately, the size, complexity and expense of the equipment needed to perform the tests, limited the practicality of using this technology to some universities, hospitals, and pro sports teams. However, new advances in miniaturizing and streamlining the equipment needed is quickly making MAP testing one of the hottest technologies available to anyone who wants to improve their fitness and performance levels. A MAP test will let you know how your metabolism is working and more importantly, how to change it!

To find a fitness facility that offers metabolic testing near you, log on to and type in your zip code. This consumer site has additional information about metabolic testing and will show you the closest facility that offers MAP testing in your area-Good Luck!

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