Is personal change inevitable?

Lisa Oz
Health Education

One thing is certain: we can't stay the same. Change is the order of the universe. If you're not changing, you're dead - at least in the realm of biology. Though you may resist change actively or simply through inertia, it is inevitable. Ideally, you don't just become something different (wrinkled rather than smooth, rich rather than poor, legally blind rather than nearsighted), you evolve; you grow, you transcend that "small self " in order to become a more mindful, insightful, loving human being. This, however, is not the order of the universe. Unless we consciously choose growth, we won't check out any better than we checked in.

While genetics govern who you are at birth, what you do from that point on determines who you become. Sadly, much of what you do, hence who you are, is determined by habit. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Habits help you function efficiently.

Change is inevitable. There are a variety of ways to change: socially, emotionally, mentally, intellectually, and physically. Change occurs at different levels of consciousness and at different levels of control. People may change jobs in very conscious ways and go in and out of relationships in unconscious ways or vica versa. This may happen many times throughout their lives. Hopefully people also learn to become more self aware and self realized as they become educated, social and experience life. Starting in childhood and continuing through adulthood there are always physical changes that people don't have control over. For example, eye sight gets worse throughout the aging process. At some level it's important to know what changes you are in control of and what changes are positive and impactful for your life so you aren't just allowing things to happen to you. Allowing life to happen to you can lead to unhappiness, sadness, grief, and depression leading to low self esteem, self confidence and self worth. 

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