How can I save money on treatment for my mood disorder?

All healthcare providers have experience in helping patients cut medical or therapeutic costs. If you have a mood disorder, do not hesitate to talk to these professionals about:
  • reduced fees and payment plans
  • the cost savings and efficacy of generic medication
  • your eligibility for free medication from the drug manufacturer (senior citizens sometimes can get discounts)
  • the healthcare provider's access to free samples of your medication
  • intervening on your behalf with your insurance company, either with a phone call or letters
Other strategies for reducing treatment costs include:
  • using county or state services
  • going longer between psychiatric appointments. (Your therapist or psychiatrist can help you learn coping skills to manage your mood between visits.)
  • contacting your state's mental health organizations to find out whether the state offers a risk pool for hard-to-insure individuals.
  • getting to your healthcare providers or support groups before you get to a crisis point. Talking briefly with a professional or making a slight adjustment in your medication can prevent more expensive interventions when a full-blown crisis occurs.

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