How can psychotherapy help treat my mood disorder?

Psychotherapy or "talk therapy" can help anyone struggling with a mood disorder. First, a good psychotherapist can help you understand and handle the feelings and stresses that may surround your treatment. They can explain coping skills the others with mood disorders use successfully. Psychotherapy has proven to be very effective, particularly when used in combination with medication. Most notably, some with mild or moderate depression have recovered completely in the hands of a competent therapist, even without any medication at all.

Therapists come in many forms. Psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, therapists, counselors, nurses and other health professionals can help you talk through your feelings. Therapists use many different approaches. They examine your behavior patterns or how your thoughts and emotions contribute to your illness. They also discuss your family of origin with you. Your therapist may recommend that you involve your family in your therapy or treatment. Since researchers agree that depression runs in families, letting others know what you're doing may lead to more healing and self-awareness among your parents, siblings and children.

You may have to try several forms of therapy or even several therapists before you feel comfortable in talk therapy. One therapy style that works wonders for you may have no effect on someone else. The same is true of therapists. The therapist your girlfriend considers a genius may turn you off completely. Those that stick with the search process gain a great deal when they find the professional that understands them.

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