Do I have to get along with everyone?

Lisa Oz
Health Education

While it would be lovely if we could get along with everyone all the time, I am sure it cannot be done. More so, I am not sure I would want to. I do not think conflict is always a bad thing. Differences of opinion push us outside our comfort zone. Conflict can teach us new ways of seeing situations; it can clarify and solidify our commitment to our own perspective. It is in these conflicts that we test our mettle, where we see what we are capable of, where we find our limits.

There are a lot of people with whom you do not want to agree anyway. Some folks are just horrible. I know that is a politically incorrect thing to say. The relativists of the world will assert that bad is a subjective term, while the New Agers will tell you that in reality we are all good and there is no such thing as evil. At the risk of offending them, I want to state for the record that I think that is all a crock. As long as genocides and child pornography exist, I am holding on to the notion that there are people worth fighting.

That being said, there are ways to be in productive conflict, and ways that will drag you back to pre-Neanderthal stages of emotional development. I personally have run the gamut of pugilist styles and can attest to the ineffectualness of blame, shame, passive aggression, and guilt.

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