How can I develop my intuition?

Since our intuition is part of our physical bodies in the brain and gut, it's always there -- but we don't pay attention to it as much as we do our thinking brain. Watch oncology researcher Kelly Turner, PhD, explain how to develop your intuition.
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Intuition reconnects us with our natural knowing; it acknowledges something in us before we know, sees before we see, and sends its vision to the surface in the form of a faith which, although at first inexplicable, is neither illusionary nor elusive.  The Fourth Instinct prods us to turn faith into understanding and experience. When we choose to evolve, our intuition that may have remained dormant for years is activated and becomes our guide, seeing what is not seen through our eyes, and hearing what the noise of life drowns out.  To develop our intuition, to bypass our intellect and emotions and learn to reach our inner wisdom, there is no substitute for time alone -- not with a good book, not contemplating a Rembrandt or a sunset or listening to Mozart, but alone. Quietly waiting for revelation.
William Stillman
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Developing your intuition is really about being attuned to your emotional heart in collaboration with a magnification of all your senses. The best way to develop your intuition is through education and experience.

The education piece pertains to reading, researching, and communicating with others about your interest in developing your intuition. Knowledge is power, and the more you know, the more comfortable you will become with the concept of opening yourself up in order to avail yourself of your gifts and talents.

The experience piece is about creating safe and comfortable opportunities to demonstrate your intuitive gifts and talents. Some people will be most at ease doing this under the tutelage of a mentor or instructor. There may be local or online workshops in which you may enroll.

Daily or regular practice is key. As you expand your awareness, pay careful attention to how you receive relevant information. In other words, which of your senses is the strongest intuitive indicator for you? Once you determine this, tune in to the sense or senses that seem to guide you best.

Finally, and most significantly, it is very important that you approach developing your intuition properly---with tremendous reverence and respect. This is not about becoming more powerful, manipulating others, learning how to "get" winning lottery numbers, or impressing your friends and family. It is about rendering good and great service to others through the selfless and altruistic employ of your intuitive gifts and talents. Going into this with an improper or selfish attitude leaves you wide open and vulnerable to negative, deceptive, or ill-intended energies that will gladly seize upon the chance to cause chaos. When in doubt, pray or meditate for guidance and protection. 

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