Can nutritional supplements help treat mood disorders?

Studies conflict, answers escape us and the jury is out when it comes to the great finds on nutritional supplements and mood disorders. The most important thing to remember is to talk to your doctor about studies you have read or supplements you're considering using or adding to your treatment regimen. Your doctor should have the most up-to-date information on clinical studies and findings. Your doctor will also warn you about side effects and potential interactions a supplement causes.

Like prescription medications, nutritional supplements can work wonders for one person and not even faze another. Our bodies are chemical storehouses, each one individual with differing levels of hormones, oils, proteins, acids and more! Taking one medication could do the trick for you. Taking two medications and one supplement may be just the cocktail your body needs to function optimally. With nutritional supplements—as with the right medication, the right therapist, and the right support group—success comes after persistent effort, trial and error.

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