What is the difference between virtual and face-to-face therapy sessions?

While there’s nothing like sitting face-to-face with a client, video sessions, chat and email counseling can be helpful therapeutic tools, especially for clients who are located in rural areas or who are strugglingwith physical health or mental health challenges that make leaving home difficult. Videoconferencing allows for verbal and facial cues, while chat or email are limited because they rely on text only to communicate. However, certain clients, f someone suffering from severe anxiety, or example, may be able to express themselves more openly through text-based communication than face-to-face.  
I view technology as an addition to supplement traditional therapy. While I did venture into the online therapy world in the early 2000’s, I found that there wasn’t much of demand for it. The majority of my clinical work over the past 17 years has been face-to-face therapy, using online therapy via Skype, phone, or email as an additional tool. I do have an online counseling division of my clinic to provide services to clients beyond our geographic location.
I am passionate about using technology (websites, blogs, and social media channels) to promote mental health awareness and to share family relationship advice beyond the therapy office to reach a worldwide audience. Writing helpful and engaging online content, answering Q & A’s, and posting video interviews, and other sharable media helps potential clients get a feel for my therapy style and allows my online followers to relate with me as a trusted and supportive professional resource and source of support.

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