Is there a fee to talk to a counselor or psychologist?

Judi Hollis
Health Education

It seems like nothing is for free these days, but time spent with a counselor may be worth every penny. In this video, Dr. Judi Hollis discusses what determines psychologists' fee structures.

Roy Huggins
Yes, there is generally a fee. Counselors and psychologists usually work in an agency, managed care or private practice setting.

Some agencies with a mission towards social service may charge a very small, or possibly no, fee. This often depends on your financial need and any social welfare benefits you may receive.

Consulting with a mental health professional in a managed care setting is usually associated with your insurance. For example, Kaiser is a managed care company. If you consult with someone through them, you will likely be charged a copay, which varies according to your policy.

Counselors and Psychologists in private practice may be able to bill your insurance for consultations, in which case you will likely be charged a copay. Many insurance plans don't cover mental health, however. Or some mental health professionals choose not to bill insurance. In those cases, you will need to negotiate a fee with the professional.

Some counselors or psychologists offer an initial consultation at no-cost. Be aware, however, that the course of any kind of mental health therapy lasts for more than one session. The purpose of a no-cost consultation is usually to help you determine if you and the professional are a good match without risking any money on it.
Although some individuals and agencies do have a sliding scale there is (generally) a fee associated with a counselor or psychologist.

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