What are some ways to get a veteran involved in social activities?

A veteran’s reintegration into civilian society can be a slow process. It typically begins with getting reacquainted with loved ones, close friends, and family members. Alone time is important, too, for your veteran has returned from a stressful environment, and may have had experiences in combat that were difficult or disturbing. Social activities might actually create more stress and anxiety for the veteran at first.

Some returning service members initially seem to only feel truly comfortable with their military comrades. Getting re-connected to the larger community is a necessary step to achieving full reintegration to civilian life. How easy or difficult this will be depends a lot on how involved in the community your veteran was before he/she began military service. Community involvement is a reflection of the person’s interests. Joining a sports club, volunteer organization, church or other faith-based organization, activity group (bicycling, dancing, book discussions) or civic organization can be a great way to get more connected to the community.

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