What is the cost of seeking perfection in this world?

Arianna Huffington
Health Education
To pursue good health and balance in our lives is an admirable goal, but there is a quiet desperation in searching the world for a perfection that is not of this world. The Fourth Instinct urges us to know what it is that makes us human -- uniquely and distinctly human. And it is not physical perfection. It helps us explore the meaning of our mortality, rather than run from it.  We hear the echo of a voice we recognize. In the middle of tension and anxiety, we are suddenly enveloped by a sense of peace. In circumstances of intense hatred, we are given glimpses of the power of love. All is evidence of the spiritual perfection to which the Fourth Instinct points. But it is a perfection we can achieve only through our soul. When we look for it elsewhere, we are worshiping idols.

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