What is the danger of selfishness?

Arianna Huffington
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Over the course of our evolution, individuals have, since the Renaissance, been freed from preconceived definitions based on their membership in certain guilds, groups or traditions, or in the roles they have assumed in families or society. Man discovered that he matters independently of his social definitions.


But on the journey that took us from the Middle Ages and deposited us in the present, we see around us evidence of the many who have turned down a blind alley, weary not only with all the conventions of the world, but with all the values and responsibilities of the world as well. If anything challenges their narrowly defined self-interest, it is an unwelcome intruder. At this dead end, everything that enables human beings to create and sustain community has been put in jeopardy. And if we cannot transcend selfishness, we become prisoners to our own limitations, caged away from our fellow men and from our own souls.

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