Does meditation improve brain function?

Andy Puddicombe
Alternative & Complementary Medicine

Different parts of the brain are associated with positive vs. negative emotions and patterns of thinking. In this video, meditation specialist Andy Puddicombe describes how meditation can change the actual size and shape of these areas of the brain.

Lynne Kenney
Meditation is a modern cure-all, but what does the evidence tell us about its effect on cognitive function?

There is some limited evidence that meditation can benefit cognitive function overall, and memory in particular. But this research is at a very early stage and needs to be replicated by different researchers.

A major problem in this research is the fact that there are many different types of meditation. It might be that there is some kind of common active ingredient in meditation, but this has yet to be identified.

Verdict: Meditation still has to be considered unproven as a cognitive enhancer but it probably won’t do you any harm, plus it’s free.

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