How much blood will I lose during my menstruation cycle?

Patricia Geraghty, NP
Women's Health
The fluid passed during menstrual bleeding is a mixture of blood and natural secretions from the uterus and cervix.  The median volume of blood in this fluid is about 30cc or three teaspoons. "Median" means that half of women will pass more blood and half will pass less. If a woman bleeds more than 80cc during the menstrual flow there may be negative effects on her health. In general, if a woman needs to change her protection, pad or tampon, because it is saturated with menstrual flow in less than two hours and this heavy flow lasts longer than one day, she should contact her health care provider. Any woman that is concerned about the volume of her menstrual flow, either increased or decreased flow, should consult with her health care provider.

Bleeding during the menstruation cycle usually lasts 3-7 days with the amount of blood loss varying from woman to woman. Your period may vary from month to month over the duration of your reproductive life. The blood lost during one cycle is usually about 2 ounces on average but you may have moderate or heavy bleeding as well.

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