What can I do to optimize my sperm count?

The most important thing to do to optimize your sperm count is to avoid things that can lower sperm counts. This includes certain medications such as anabolic steroids, calcium channel blockers, tricyclic antidepressants and anti-androgens. Making sure your testicles do not get too warm by limiting time in a hot tub and wearing loose-fitting briefs have been suggested as beneficial, but the evidence is weak. Lastly, one study has suggested that taking supplemental zinc and folic acid may increase sperm counts.

To optimize your sperm count, follow these tips:

  • Don't wear anything constricting, like tight underwear. Boxer briefs are great; stay away from the proverbial "tighty whities."
  • Avoid heat exposure and hot temperatures. Hot temperatures can kill sperm.
  • Do not get into saunas, steam rooms or hot tubs.
  • Do not put your laptop on your lap. Your laptop generates heat and can contribute to a low sperm count.

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