How can men make the most of checkups?

Men are notorious for avoiding the doctor's office, but to prevent health problems or catch them at an early stage, it's important to see your physician for regular physical exams and visit the doc whenever you notice a change in your health. Make the most of your checkup by preparing for the appointment. Don't rely on your memory; write down any symptoms you are experiencing, even if they seem minor. For instance, if you have pain, track when it occurs and how long it lasts. Also bring a list of the medicines, herbs, vitamins, and supplements you regularly take. Be sure to mention any chronic conditions, and be ready to answer questions about your diet and exercise habits.

Men should prepare for their checkups by gathering health information about themselves and family members prior to the visit. Providing a list of medications, including over the counter treatments and immunizations and sharing any recent testing such as blood work, may also be helpful to the healthcare provider. Ask questions to help understand any advice given or testing ordered.

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