What are symptoms of male menopause?

Male menopause, or testosterone deficiency, can occur in men as they age. There are multiple symptoms that someone with this deficiency can develop, but they will not be the same for everyone. Some of the more common symptoms of testosterone deficiency are fatigue, sexual dysfunction or reduced libido, loss of muscle mass and strength with concurrent increase in fatty tissue, mood changes, depression and decreased bone density (increased risk of fractures). Although this is often considered a normal part of aging, it is recommended that you speak with your primary care doctor if you are having these symptoms or are concerned about male menopause.
Marc B. Garnick, MD
Hematology & Oncology
Male menopause is sometimes called andropause.

Aging men complaining of fatigue, low libido, and mood swings have increasingly been given prescriptions for testosterone supplements. But researchers now say that only a handful of symptoms are actually associated with low testosterone, narrowing the definition of "male menopause."

Researchers measured testosterone levels in more than 3,200 European men between the ages of 40 and 79 and asked the men for details about their physical, sexual, and psychological health. Of 32 potential "male menopause" symptoms, only three -- fewer morning erections, decreased frequency of sexual thoughts, and erectile dysfunction -- were consistently related to low testosterone levels.

Six psychological and physical symptoms, including fatigue, sadness, and difficulty walking and bending, had weak associations with testosterone levels. Symptoms such as anxiety, poor concentration, and erratic sleeping patterns were not linked to hormone levels.

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