What can men do to feel happier, less stressed out and less anxious?

To feel happier, less stressed out and less anxious, men can look upon self-care and well-being habits as investments in themselves—investments with a high rate of return in the form of feeling happier, healthier and more productive. Lifestyle modification can consist of a variety of strategies, such as healthier eating, exercise and physical activity, getting adequate sleep, reducing stress and spiritual fulfillment. However, it's important to remember that no two men are the same and men should tailor whatever strategies they use to their own life and goals.

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Getting more sleep, eating a healthy diet, getting into shape, and enjoying your sex life are all ways men can reduce stress and feel happier. Watch me discuss the lifestyle changes men should make to combat anxiety.

Getting annual physicals, regular exercise, and enjoying quality time at home are all ways men can lower their stress levels. Watch men's health and HIV/AIDS specialist Frank Spinelli, MD, discuss how men can feel happier in their daily lives.

Dr. Sudeepta Varma, MD
Psychiatrist (Therapist)

To feel less anxious, it's important for men to have a healthy, balanced lifestyle routine, as well as friendships and interests. In this video, I will discuss factors that could help men feel happier and less stressed.

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