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Men's Health: Great Sex at Any Age SECTION 3 - Sex & Relationships
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Aphrodisiac Foods

We've got a food list that'll spice up your sex life. These natural aphrodisiacs will get both of you in the mood for love.

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Remember the days when you and your partner could barely take your eyes (and your hands) off each other? Maybe what you need to bring back that rush is a walk down the aisle. The grocery aisle! We've got a food list that'll spice up your sex life.

But before the feast, try something else with your mouths: talking, especially about what you like in bed. Talking triggers oxytocin, a warm-fuzzy chemical that makes two people bond.

Next, don't forget the erotic organ that's even more sensitive than your mouth. No, eyes a little higher: We mean your nose. Men, a sniff of lemons, doughnuts, or licorice can increase blood flow to your genitals. For women, licorice and cucumbers often do it. It isn't clear why, although the shapes may be as arousing as the smell. (Do we have to draw a picture here?).

Now for the love snacks. Stock up on these:

  • Bananas: They're rich in bromelain, an enzyme that may boost male libido.
  • Celery: It's high in androsterone, a hormone released in male sweat that can turn women on.
  • Oysters: They contain zinc, which is needed to produce libido-enhancing testosterone.
  • Garlic: Any dish with it can increase blood flow to sexual organs. Just share the food.
  • Figs: They're rich in amino acids that heat up desire.
  • Chocolate: It has several ingredients that trigger that loving feeling.

Nibble one, or go for the lot. Satisfying sex can make you feel great and make your RealAge years younger.