Walking Benefits and Prostate Cancer Prevention

Prostate cancer is the second most common type of cancer among U.S. men, second only to skin cancer. So what can be done toward prostate cancer prevention?

Most experts aren't quite sure, but research is ongoing. And results of one of the studies suggests that a very small and simple lifestyle change may help: daily walking.

Prostate Protector?
More research will be needed to confirm the results of walking benefits as they relate to prostate cancer prevention, but it seems that small amounts of regular exercise could offer real protection against the disease. In the study, the regular exercisers were more likely to receive favorable test results when they had prostate screenings. And even small fitness commitments, like walking a few hours a week at a moderate pace, helped curb the risk -- although more effort brought more reward. What counts as a "moderate" walking pace in order to receive walking benefits? Find out here.

How Sweat Saves
There's no foolproof way to prevent cancer. But we know that exercise is good for the body and soul in many ways. And even the men in the study who ended up being diagnosed with prostate cancer were less likely to have an aggressive form if they were exercisers. Working out may help lower levels of testosterone and other hormones suspected to spur the growth of prostate tumors. So how about a stint on that treadmill? And add this easy exercise video for killer abs, too.

Additional Defenses
Although the how-to's of prostate cancer prevention remain a little mysterious, available research suggests these other habits may offer some protection: