Boxers or Briefs? Sperm Has the Answer

Boxers or Briefs? Sperm Has the Answer

Men, your underwear choices can cause more issues than discomfort.

If you’re a guy looking to start, or expand, your family, when it comes to your underwear, briefs are the offenders and boxers can help you dodge serious damage.

We told you a couple years ago that guys who wore boxers during the day and slept naked at night had 25 percent less DNA damage to their sperm than men who wore snug briefs, ’round the clock. Well, we now know that boxers go a couple rounds further.

Researchers at Harvard’s TH Chan School of Public Health have found that not only are boxer-wearers’ sperm healthier, but those guys have a 25 percent higher concentration of the healthy sperm, a 17 percent higher total sperm count and 33 percent more swimming sperm than in men who wear tight-fitting briefs.

The reason? Sperm is sensitive to temperatures above 92 degrees. Your body is normally 98 degrees, and briefs keep the testicles close to the body. Boxer shorts are looser and cooler and get close to allowing for the au natural position of the testicles, which is down and away from the body. In short, it’s no contest: boxers for better sperm.

Medically reviewed in December 2019.

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