How can I shave to prevent ingrown hairs?

Cybele Fishman, MD
To prevent ingrown hairs, you should exfoliate your legs regularly, use a glycolic lotion, and shave less closely; or you can use a depilatory hair removal cream. Watch dermatologist Cybele Fishman, MD, share her tips to prevent pesky ingrown hairs. 
Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD
Cardiology (Cardiovascular Disease)

You can help prevent ingrown hairs, also known as razor bumps, by making simple changes to your shaving routine. Start by shaving less frequently and not quite as closely. Instead, leave just a little bit of stubble. If you use a regular razor, try to not press as hard, reducing the pressure of the blade on your skin. Replace your razor blade frequently so that it is always sharp. After you shave, apply a moisturizer. Talk to your dermatologist for more information.


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