Why am I having trouble with my memory during menopause?

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    Why Am I Having Trouble with My Memory During Menopause?
    In this video, Donna Wicker, MD, FACOG from Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center discusses the trouble with memory during menopause. Watch to learn more.
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    Women report forgetfulness as a problem in the menopause transition. In the Study of Women's Health Across the Nation, 31% of premenopause, 44% of early or late perimenopause, and 42% of postmenopause women reported forgetfulness. This complaint remained even after looking for other connections such as life or financial stress. While isn't clear if this is directly tied to the decrease in hormones or simply a life stage, the trend of improvement after menopause indicates that there may be a link.. The good news is that women develop strategies and their abiilty to manage their lives is not impaired.
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    Hormonal changes during menopause can affect memory. Also, if you are having trouble sleeping, that can complicate memory issues. It isn't clear why memory suffers during menopause. It may just be part of the normal aging process, aggravated by menopause. If memory issues are affecting your quality of life, talk to your doctor.

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    Why Might I Have Memory Problems During Menopause?
    Many women report memory problems during menopause. OB/GYN Mark Hyde, MD, explains what scientists know and don’t know about this often-documented symptom.
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    Why Might I Have Trouble with My Memory During Menopause?
    As we age and experience menopause, there is some normal decline with memory. Jerry Lucas, MD from Chippenham Hospital, says that abnormal trouble with memory could indicate more serious conditions and should be investigated.
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