How can I help my partner as she goes through menopause?

Staness Jonekos
Health Education
Women who have a supportive partner often have a smoother transition through menopause. When she is happy, he is happy.
  1. Listen to her; don’t criticize or try to fix her.
  2. Go with the flow; be prepared for mood swings.
  3. Be compassionate, and validate her experience (that means agree
           with her, don’t try to fix her).
  4. Be romantic. Bring her flowers for no reason. Make her dinner. Give
           her a massage. Make it about her.
  5. Cuddle more. Tell her you love her and that she is beautiful. You
           may just get lucky. If not, do not take it personally.
  6. If you are not in the mood for romance, keep her company
           shopping; she will love the company.
  7. Support healthy eating and exercise choices. Join her for a walk or
           go on a hunting expedition at the grocery store to find new
           healthy foods.
  8. Don’t ignore her menopause symptoms. Talk about it. Ask her what
           she needs to feel better.
  9. Offer support if she needs to visit her healthcare provider to
           discuss menopause symptoms, a low libido or depression.
  10. If numbers one through nine fail -- disappear for a while. She may
           be seriously cranky and need space to focus on herself.

Success depends on going through this transition as a team! Both partners must contribute to have a successful relationship

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