Hormone Therapy Reconsidered—Again

Hormone Therapy Reconsidered—Again

In one episode of That 70’s Show, the mom, Kitty, is going through menopause. So, Dad and his son Eric decide to look up menopause in the encyclopedia. “Oh, no! Look at the symptoms,” says Eric. “Temperamental behavior, mood swings, facial hair…Dad, I think you have menopause!”

Menopause symptoms may be fodder for comedy, but they’re not funny when you experience them. That’s why by the late 1980s, many post-menopausal women were prescribed long-term hormone therapy (HT). Several studies had shown it protects against post-menopausal heart disease, cools hot flashes and eases vaginal dryness.

Then in 2002, a study found HT boosted the risk of breast cancer, deep vein thrombosis and stroke, outweighing benefits. That left women looking for other solutions.

But we’ve long said using HT for five years or less right after menopause and ALWAYS taking it with 81 to 162mg of aspirin daily with a half glass of warm water before and after is safe for most women—and makes your RealAge one to eight years younger!

Now a large study’s found women who received HT averaged 20 percent less arterial plaque build-up and were 30 percent less likely to die from all causes during the study. And a recent Cochrane Review confirmed that short-term use of low-dose HT may override the “small absolute risk of harm,” if not contraindicated. Our calculations show, when taken with aspirin, HT confers substantial benefit—not small harm.

So, if you’re dealing with disruptive symptoms, talk to your doctor about HT (bio-identical hormones with aspirin, please). 

Medically reviewed in December 2019.

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