3 Tips to Ease Menopause Symptoms

3 Tips to Ease Menopause Symptoms

Even with the recent news that hormone replacement therapy is once again okay for treating menopause symptoms, there’s plenty else you can do to manage those oh-so-annoying hot flashes and mood swings, that oh-so-inconvenient vaginal dryness and that oh-so-maddening weight gain. We went to Sharecare experts to get their top tips for minimizing menopause symptoms while boosting your health.

Get the Right Nutrients
Making sure that your diet contains the right nutrients can go a long way to help you keep the weight off during menopause. In this video, holistic gynecologist Wendy Warner, MD, and Mehmet Oz, MD, explain what makes women gain weight during menopause and what nutrients will help keep off the pounds. They also share a smoothie recipe to help you get all these nutrients at once.

Have Regular Sex
Having more sex can mean an easier menopause according to OB-GYN Evelyn Minaya, MD. Watch this video to hear Dr. Minaya describe how revving things up between the sheets can calm down your symptoms.

Get a Massage
Massages aren’t just relaxing. Integrative medicine specialist Robin Miller, MD, explains that according to a recent study, massages with essential oils can reduce menopause symptoms. Note: the type of massage and the type of oil make a difference.

Get the facts about the signs and symptoms of menopause and find simple tips to help you manage the transition. Take the online assessment.


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