How can I get organized so that I remember things better?

The following are suggestions to help you get organized and remember things better:
  • Have a specific place for everything
  • Have duplicate items for different rooms
  • Gather things together in containers
  • Store tools on a pegboard
  • Create a photo mobile
  • Use color-coded holders
To organize papers, it would be helpful to:
  • Use a Homeowner's Record Keeper
  • File appliance manuals and warranties
  • Use three-ring binders with pockets
  • Keep important documents in containers
  • Use color-coded clipboards and step files
  • Use a card file box for addresses
  • File or store by category
  • Store tips and articles in folders
  • Store magazines in plastic bins
  • Attach reminder notes with binder clips

To establish a routine, it would be helpful to:

  • Complete tasks in the same order
  • Make a to-do list before going to bed
  • Plan daily activities at the beginning of the week
  • Organize my week using daily to-do baskets
  • Use a monthly organizing system
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