What are symptoms of melanoma of the foot?

James P. Ioli, DPM
Podiatric Medicine
Early detection is essential to successful treatment of melanoma, If a spot on your foot meets any of the criteria below, be sure to see a foot specialist or dermatologist right away:

Asymmetry. Most moles have a round, symmetrical shape, but melanoma is asymmetrical, meaning one side may be different in shape than the other.

Border irregularity. Normal moles are round and typically have a clear border. In melanoma, the borders are shabby, uneven, or indistinct, sometimes blending into the surrounding skin. A mole resembling the shape of cauliflower, for instance, should be checked out.

Color. Melanomas are usually very dark, but often are a mix of hues rather than one color.

Diameter. Most common moles are small, less than 5 millimeters, which is about a quarter of an inch. Melanoma grows, so talk to your doctor if the spot is larger than this.

Evolving. Any change in color, shape, size, or any new symptom such as crusting, bleeding, itching.

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