What are the treatment options for lentigo maligna melanoma?

Depending on the size and location of the lentigo maligna melanoma lesions, your doctor may choose one of several treatment options. Often, doctors may choose to perform surgery to remove the lesion and some of the surrounding tissue. If necessary, a skin graft may be performed to help reduce scarring. In some cases, cryotherapy (freezing the skin lesions), radiation therapy (aiming high-energy radiation at the lesions), and chemotherapy (using drugs to kill cancer cells) may be used. Other medications, such as imiquimod, may be recommended. Because the effectiveness of treatment depends so heavily on each individual case, it's important to talk to your doctor about the best treatment option for you.

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The most serious type of skin cancer, melanoma affects the cells that give our skin its color. Although it can spread easily, it is curable when treated early.This cancer forms when the cells that make melanin grow abnormally or d...

o not die when they should. These cells, called melanocytes, are found in our skin’s outer layer. Melanoma typically begins in a mole or birthmark but can form in other tissues with pigmentation, such as your eye. When melanoma develops in the eye, it is called Intraocular Melanoma. Protect yourself by avoiding overexposure from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Stay vigilant of any changes in your skin, especially if you have the skin disease Xeroderma pigmentosum, which makes you sensitive to light. You are also more likely to develop melanoma if someone in your family has been previously diagnosed with this specific type of cancer.

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