How do medications treat medullary thyroid cancer?

Medullary thyroid cancer is typically not treated with medications. This form of cancer is treated with surgery. In some cases, radiation therapy has been used, but with unsuccessful results. Other forms of thyroid cancer are treated with radioactive iodine, but for people with medullary thyroid cancer, this is not a feasible option. Like radiation therapy, chemotherapy has been shown to produce some positive results in a few people, by extending their life for a short time.

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Who is most at risk for medullary thyroid cancer?
Sigma NursingSigma Nursing
About 20 percent of medullary thyroid cancer cases come from inheritance, as an abnormal gene (usual...
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What are the symptoms of medullary thyroid cancer?
James Lee, MDJames Lee, MD
Most medullary thyroid cancers do not cause symptoms (i.e. they are asymptomatic). In fact, many pat...
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Is there a cure for medullary thyroid cancer?
Honor Society of Nursing (STTI)Honor Society of Nursing (STTI)
There is currently no cure for medullary thyroid cancer. The disease is treated by removing the thyr...
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What is medullary thyroid cancer?
James Lee, MDJames Lee, MD
Medullary thyroid cancer makes up about 5% of all cases of thyroid cancer and is very different from...
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