Is meditation related to art?

Yogi Cameron Alborzian
Alternative & Complementary Medicine

Have you ever worked on a creative project and something just sort of comes out of nowhere and onto your canvas, posterboard, sheet music, or even computer screen?  This didn't happen by a meticulous, analytical process of creation but rather emerges seemingly on its own.  This is a creative experience driven by intuition.

The act of meditation calls on us to free ourselves of our analytical mind in favor of relating to the world more intuitively.  Rather than analyze a problem we've encountered, we let go of it and allow our response to the problem to come up on its own.  Rather than taint a situation with our scrutiny of it, we are open to it unfolding however it needs to.

Given how meditation helps us to develop our intuition, it will also help us to relate to creativity more intuitively.  With a dedicated meditation practice, more and more things will jump out of ourselves and onto the canvas.

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