How can I use meditation to relieve stress?

John Douillard, DC
Herbal Medicine
From an Ayurvedic standpoint, meditation can be used to relieve stress through mindfulness. A One-Minute Meditation, for instance, is a simple-yet-powerful practice designed to transform stress into joy. Meditation is one of the best ways to rejuvenate the nervous system, and create more energy, peace and calm in our lives. We actually need energy to be calm, and we even need energy to go to sleep at night!

The One-Minute Meditation involves 30 seconds of powerful Bhastrika breathing in and out of the nose, followed by 30 seconds of stillness, all with eyes closed.

Bhastrika (bellows breath): Breathe deep through your nose, in and out, using all five lobes of your lungs like a big bellows. Use your lungs in and out as much as you can, only in and only out through your nose.

This pumps a lot of oxygen into the brain and calms the nervous system. I often tell my patients that if they did this One-Minute Meditation 10 times a day for a total of 10 minutes, it would completely change their lives. It’s amazingly effective and can support an improved sense of life purpose and self-awareness, increased mindfulness, less negativity, improved cognitive mental function, longer lifespan and improvements in overall health.
Deepak Chopra
Alternative & Complementary Medicine
Meditation may sound exotic, but it doesn't have to be long or complicated to be effective. In this video, mind-body expert Dr. Deepak Chopra shows Dr. Oz a simple five-minute meditation routine that can help relieve stress, refresh your body and leave you relaxed and calm.

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