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How do I close and strengthen my aura?

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    This technique, from an advanced Pranic Healing practice called psychic self-defense, enables you to close and strengthen your energy aura to make it less susceptible to contamination by the negative words or emotions of others. Like pranic breathing, closing your aura is extremely simple, but very powerful. Pranic Healing student Naila Vavra uses it regularly. “I deal with many people daily, and closing the aura has proven to be very effective at shielding me from people’s negativity,” she says. “Recently, someone approached me using offensive language. I quickly closed my aura and stood slightly sideways to the person. In less than a minute, the person just walked off, mumbling to himself.” You may want to perform it just before or even during a meeting with someone who you know often expresses himself in a negative or angry way. Two variations of this powerful exercise follow.

     Both variations can be performed while standing or sitting.

     Variation 1

    1.Put your tongue on your palate.


    3.Form an intent to close your aura to all negative thoughts, emotions, and words.

    4.Cross your arms. (This closes the upper half of your aura.)

    5.Cross your legs. (This closes the lower half of your aura.)

     This posture automatically closes your aura to negativity. It also makes you more naturally resistant to people trying to influence you. This posture is universally interpreted as defensive, however, so you may want to try this subtler, but just as effective, variation:

     Variation 2

    1.Put your tongue on your palate.


    3.Tap your ajna chakra (center of will) and mentally affirm with full conviction, “Aura! You will shrink and compact now!” Repeat three times.

    4.After the danger or conflict has passed, say, “Aura, normalize.” (This prevents any negative thoughts and emotions from being trapped in a tightly compacted aura.)

     Both cord-cutting and closing/strengthening your aura make you much less susceptible to energetic contamination from other people. Practice them regularly.

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