What side effects does Naltrexone cause?

Some people experience side effects while taking naltrexone.

You should tell your doctor if the following side effects worsen or do not go away during treatment: nausea; vomiting; abdominal cramping; diarrhea; constipation; appetite loss; thirstiness; headache; dizziness; anxiety; nervousness; irritability; overly-emotional behavior; drowsiness; insomnia; altered energy levels; pain in muscles and joints; rash; chills; or delayed ejaculation.

You should call your doctor immediately if you experience the following less common, but more serious, side effects: depression; suicidal thoughts; confusion; hallucinations; blurred vision; severe vomiting; severe diarrhea; white-colored stool; severe abdominal pain; darkened urine; jaundice; excessive tiredness; excessive weakness; rash; hives; itchy skin; breathing difficulties; or a swollen face.

Notify a doctor about any new symptoms so that a doctor can determine if they are related to the use of naltrexone.

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