Should massage be a part of my health and fitness program?

Should massage be a part of my health and fitness program?

For the lucky few regular massages by trained professionals is second to none.  But for most of us we simply cannot afford massages so the response by the NASM is great.  Self myofascial release is fantastic and one of the most remarkable ways to improve range of motion and limit the risk of injury.

Benefits of Self-Myofascial Release

  • correct Muscle Imbalances
  • increase joint range of motion
  • decrease muscle soreness&relieve joint stress
  • increase extensibility of the muscle-tendon junction
  • increase neuromuscular efficiency
  • maintain normal functional muscular length

Check out Wendy's videos below for a demonstration of Self-Myofascial Release and then check out the link below for a great article on Foam Rolling. (the article was written by two well respected men who happen to contribute on Sharecare)

[media id="PRD__4d35f672343ec5_75812549" title="Wendy Batts - Foam Roll Outer Thigh"]

[media id="PRD__4d35f6996212e8_47014941" title="Wendy Batts - Foam Roll Inside Thigh"]

Yes, massage should be a part of your life.  Not only does it reduce stress, but a good massage therapist can help you keep the muscles around your joints in balance.  

Massage is a fantastic way to reward yourself and your muscles after working out.  As a personal trainer I ensure I get two massages every month.  A good massage will also give you better flexibility allowing you to perform exercises with better form.  Massage is usually considered by most unaffordable therefore avoided as part of a health and wellness plan.  Massage Envy is a chain spa that is providing facials and massages at a very reasonable price.  I have used their services for one year and have never left disappointed.

Massage therapy is an important part of health and fitness.  It works like a restart button.  We have so much stress, overuse patterns of daily activity and of couse we need to recover from the workouts that also keep us healthy.  Massage helps to keep flexibility, reduces pain, increases immune system function, reduces recovery time from both injury /workouts and plays a stong role in injury prevention.  It is beneficial to recieve a massage at least once a month.  However, if you are training for a competition, or have an injury it may  be recommended to be seen more often.  There are many forms of massage therapy techniques to meet your health and fitness goals so make sure you discuss these options with your massage therapist.
Susan Moran
Absolutely! Stress has such a negative impact on our health and massage is one way to help reduce your stress level.Taking the time to "care" for yourself is something that takes but an hour, and has such a  long lasting  effect  on our health. I recommend to find a local spa and try a couple different types of treatments as well as therapists until you find the ones that work for you. A swedish massage where aromatherapy oils are incorporated is a wonderful way to releive stress and tension.  Another method that is more economic,  work with your partner and start with 10 minute foot, hand or shoulder massages to one another. Taking the time to "care" for one another is a wonderful way to combat stress and share time together. Use either a massage oil that is scented or unscented and massage with the pressure that is preferred by your parnter.  Another option,  place  a tennis ball  under your back on the muscles along side your spine and roll on it, allowing the ball to go up and down the muscles along your  spine from  your lower back up to your shoulder blades. When you find an area that is tender or tight stop on that spot close your eyes and breath deeply for 10 breaths, repeating this process 3 times.   This should release some of  the tension  in that area.
Whether done by a professional or yourself at home, massage is an important part of your health and fitness program. A qualified massage therapist can help reduce tension in muscles. Massage can also help with stress reduction by promoting relaxation. If your financial situation does not allow for the expense of professional massage therapy, you can employ a self-massage technique using a foam roller called self-myofascial release. To perform this technique, place a foam roll on the ground under the target muscle and use your body weight to apply pressure. Slowly roll along the muscle until you feel an area of tenderness or a knot. Hold this position for approximately 30 seconds to allow your muscle time to relax. You can find a foam roller at most sporting goods stores or with the other flexibility equipment like floor mats at your health club or gym. However, it should be noted that a foam roller will never replace the what a skilled therapist can do. 

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