How can I improve my cardio for a fight?

There is no question that muay thai style fighting requires high levels of cardiorespiratory endurance. With the myriad of strikes, kicks, and knees performed, endurance conditioning should be your top priority when training for a fight. Three hundred yard shuttles, or twenty five yards sprinted twelve times at 100% intensity, may be the most exhausting and uncomfortably rewarding metabolic drill that exists. To perform this drill, place two cones at a distance of twenty five yards apart from each other, and on your coach’s whistle begin to sprint with good running mechanics at 100% of your maximum effort. Upon reaching one cone, touch it with your hand, turn, and sprint back to the other cone. Touch the second cone with the opposite hand and repeat for a total of 300 yards. It is recommended that you use a heart rate monitor during endurance drills to help you determine whether or not you are maintaining appropriate levels of intensity. Remember, you cannot get good at being uncomfortably exhausted during fights unless you put yourself in similar situations during your training.

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