Will circuit training help my endurance for fights?

Yes, circuit training will help to build endurance. If done correctly a properly designed circuit can increase muscular endurance and improve cardiovascular efficiency. This will allow getting more work done in a shorter period of time. In MMA a properly designed circuit workout can "mimic" the movements, body positions, strength requirements, and metabolic demands needed to compete in an MMA event.

Circuit training is a great tool to implement into your performance program for several reasons. It allows you to stack many exercises together, performing exercises with little to no rest provides a great metabolic component, and interval training can have great carry-over if specific fight-movement characteristics are implemented. Keep in mind that there are several types of circuit training and depending on your specific goal, you may want to experiment with a couple different styles. Using a vertical loading progression (alternating exercises set-to set) that implements the dominant movements seen in your particular discipline is an excellent type of circuit training to perform. For example, if you are a mixed martial artist, you can begin with tube striking (push) for thirty seconds, followed by a medicine ball sprawl (level change) for thirty seconds, and finishing with an oversized grip pull-up (pull) for thirty seconds. Follow this circuit with a brief rest interval. The peripheral heart action system (PHA) circuit is fairly similar to the vertical loading progression except you alternate between upper-body and lower-body exercises. For example, begin with tube striking, followed by a sand bag squat, and finishing with the oversized grip pull-up. It is a good idea to have your coach undulate the amount of time you are in a specific station, leaving this time interval unknown to you in advance. This will create ultimate translation of your workout into your upcoming bout.

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