Can balance training help my punching power?

Great question. Yes, balance training can help punching power along with skills (sports-specific) and resistance training. You can utilize the Bosu, Bongo Board and Yoga for Athletes to improve your balance. I hope this helps and have fun!
Balance and overall body control will definitely help your punching power. When your body is aligned and balanced you will be able to execute your punch properly and generate force.
Absolutely, you must have a strong stable base to produce force from and incorporating some balance training into your program is a great way to achieve this. Think of the old saying "You can't shoot a cannon from a row boat". 

Yes, because balance originates from your center of mass, your core which stabilizes your body and transfers forces from the lower body to the upper body. Balance training will help you develop a strong stable core to generate power to your extremities. Movements become more efficient. Combine that with strength training and plyometrics and you may be looking at explosive punching power.

You’re truly only as strong as your core and balance training will help you achieve a strong core.

Yes, because without balance you cannot produce strength, and without strength you cannot produce power. Include balance training throughout all phases of your training. This will not only help you harness and produce maximum power outputs, it will enhance your body’s ability to stabilize the hips and torso during the dynamic demands of boxing.

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