Why should individuals under the age of 18 seek pediatric care?

Here’s the simple answer: Because your child should be cared for by a doctor who has been specifically trained to care for children and youth! Pediatricians have had at least three to six years of specialized pediatric training after medical school to prevent and manage health problems in newborns, infants, children and teens. In addition, pediatricians pass rigorous tests to become certified. That equals up to 24 times more training in the care of children than other physicians or mid-level providers who receive an average of two to three additional months of pediatric training. Often working in teams with other professionals, including mid-level providers, pediatricians work to provide high-quality, cost-effective primary care to children and youth.

Pediatricians understand that children are not simply small adults, and are trained to recognize the importance of these differences, especially with young children and newborns. As children grow older, they often find that they trust their pediatricians because they have known one another for so many years. By choosing a board-certified pediatrician, you have chosen the highest level of medical care for your child

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