How do I find an expert in the field of neurology in my area?

Dr. John J. Connolly
Healthcare Insurance & Policy Specialist

Neurology is a medical specialty that treats disorders of the neurological system. Typically your primary care doctor will recommend you seek a diagnosis or treatment from a neurologist when he or she believes a problem may have a neurological basis. Like other specialists, neurologists have different areas of special expertise. For example, some might focus on Parkinson’s Disease or Multiple Sclerosis while others may focus on Alzheimer’s or epilepsy. Make certain that the doctor is board certified, has a clean disciplinary history and has experience in the illness for which you are seeking care.

I would probably start with "googling" the term neurologists on the internet. You might also check the yellow pages of your phone book if the internet is not readily available to you.

You might also contact the American Academy of Neurology internet website. There should be listings of the neurologists in your area, with some idea of their training and credentials and whether they offer special expertise in your area of concern.

Asking your primary care doctor will be a first step as they likely have experience with a number of neurologists in a geographic region near you. If you would like to go to a teaching hospital you can look into hospitals affiliated with the medical schools near you. These appointments will often take longer as you will see a resident physician and an attending physician. There are subspecialists that can be found when perusing neurology department staff lists or calling the department of neurology directly.

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