How do direct clear techniques clear negative emotions?

Master Stephen Co
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Direct clearing techniques are simply a way to communicate formally with your unconscious mind or inner self. The key to effective communication is understanding that the communication may or may not be verbal. Your “inner critic,” that harsh little voice in your mind that blames you for making a minor mistake, usually communicates in words. But other parts of your inner self may “speak” to you through pictures or images. You may also get an impression, feeling, or physical twinge as you practice the direct clearing techniques. Here are several examples of how various feelings might manifest to you. As you turn your self-awareness on the problem, you might hear your father’s voice as he criticized you for your shortcomings - in the exact tone and words he used. Or, you might feel your stomach tightening up as the anger and fear you felt back then resurface. Perhaps you’d see a picture of yourself as a little girl walking home from school dejectedly the day you didn’t make the cheerleading squad, and you feel your shoulders actually slump as you reexperience those feelings of failure. Or, you might hear a little voice - perhaps your father, the cheerleading coach, or even yourself - telling you, “You’re no good.”

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