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How do I change my thinking from negative to positive?

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    How do I change my thinking from negative to positive?
    Chronically pessimistic people can change their outlook and think more positively by using a few simple techniques. Watch me explain how you can change negative thinking to positive by changing your perception. 
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    Is your inner voice quick to snap out things like, "How could you forget that, you idiot?" Sometimes the noise inside our own heads is our biggest stressor. When negative thoughts crop up, imagine a stop sign in your head, and tell yourself, "Stop!" To turn things around, trade in put-downs for positive thoughts and affirmations. For example, when you feel tired during a workout, think, "I am strong" or when you start work on a difficult task, think, "I can accomplish anything." Empower yourself to think positive.

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    How do I change my thinking from negative to positive?

    Negative thoughts can reproduce, causing significant anxiety. Watch as psychotherapist Donna Dannenfelser details simple but effective ways you can identify and re-route negative feelings into positive emotions, getting you closer to your dreams.

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    You can change your negative thinking to positive thinking with the ABCDE (adversity, beliefs, consequences, dispute, energize) method.

    First, when Adversity strikes, examine the Beliefs you hold about the situation. Then look at the Consequences of your beliefs. When you see the negative consequences of your pessimistic attitudes and helpless beliefs, Dispute them by rationally attacking your negative beliefs. Then, allow yourself to feel Energized by your new positive beliefs and celebrate your success!

    The ABCDE technique is a variant of cognitive journaling -- journaling about your feelings with the intent of identifying the irrational, negative or distorted thoughts and perceptions that accompany them.

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