How can I lift my mood?

Ellen Whitehurst
Health Education

This season try a little outside 'shui' (as in feng shui) ... let me explain.

Well now according to early American folklore, if you leave a half of pumpkin exposed in your kitchen negative energies will soon arrive to spoil your day and your cooking. So do be sure that as you and the wee ones gut ‘em, that you dispose of ALL of the innards and any spare pumpkin shell that you’re not using and dispose of all of that OUTSIDE the house.

And although we think of pumpkins as the traditional Halloween decoration to scare the evil spirits (and the older kids who should know better!) away, they are actually used by other earth oriented groups as a symbol of the fruitfulness of the earth and/or as a representative of the Earth Mother (Goddess) herself.

Now the orange color relates to lifting the spirit and the mood, but, do be sure to have a strapping stud around if you have to lift any of the freakin’ great pumpkins I decided to decorate my front lawn. The idea here is that the minute you arrive at your living space whether you know it or not the color of that pumpkin is already making you feel better about everything.

And that’s not all … roasted pumpkin seeds are said to contain the elixir of life and are believed to add healthy energies to your vital life essence and as well as your body when eaten with that same intent.

But of course the magically delicious lore I love the most is using pumpkin pie as a money attractant. All you need to do is use your favorite recipe and then be sure to add some cinnamon, some ginger and some nutmeg in order to make yourself a money magnet. Of course that means you have to eat some of the pie too, but what a way to make some dough right?

So, you see, Linus WAS right all along….it really IS the GREAT pumpkin! And greater still, now you know why! HAPPY AUTUMN! XOE

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