Managing Changes Due To Aging

Why do we lose balance as we age?

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    We become more vulnerable to falls as we age because we lose balance as we age. How? The semicircular canals in our ears are filled with thick viscous fluid with tiny stones floating about. When you turn, these stones slowly move, and nerves in your ears sense this action. However, if the stones have become osteoporotic or the nerve impulses are erratic, the brain cannot rapidly process these clues to movement, and you feel dizzy.
  • There are two reasons: 
    1. The balance mechanism in the ear is not as functional.
    2. We are not as strong so our muscle and their proprioception does not offer the proper feedback to the brain. 
    Exercises do help. The better in-shape you are the better your balance will be. In addition, specific balance exercises will fine tune your proprioceptive system and vestibular system in the inner ear.
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